Workshop Calendar

Due to the uncertainty of wildlife nothing is guaranteed but here is a guide to the expected photography events through the year. Other events will be added as they progress and details of these can be sent to those that ask to receive my email newsletters.
January- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide
February- Woodland/Kingfisher Hide, Mad March Hares
March- Mad March Hares
April- Mad March Hares, Kingfisher Courtship
May- Kingfisher Portraits, Kingfisher Diving, Birds of Prey in Seasons
June- Little Owl
July- Little Owl, Kingfisher Portraits, Kingfisher Diving, Kingfisher Underwater
August- Birds of Prey in Seasons
September- Birds of Prey in Seasons
October- Birds of Prey in Cumbria, Birds of Prey in Seasons, Red Deer Rut
November- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide
December- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide

All Year- Harvest Mouse