Workshop Calendar

Due to the uncertainty of wildlife nothing is guaranteed but here is a guide to the expected photography events through the year.
January- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide
February- Woodland/Kingfisher Hide, Mad March Hares
March- Mad March Hares
April- Mad March Hares, Kingfisher Courtship
May- Kingfisher Portraits, Kingfisher Diving, Birds of Prey in Seasons
June- Little Owl
July- Little Owl, Kingfisher Portraits, Kingfisher Diving, Kingfisher Underwater
August- Birds of Prey in Seasons, Water Vole
September- Birds of Prey in Seasons
October- Birds of Prey in Cumbria, Birds of Prey in Seasons
November- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide
December- Grey Seal, Woodland/Kingfisher Hide

All Year- Harvest Mouse