Wildlife Photography Workshops & Tours
I offer a range of one to one and group photography courses with both captive and wild animals at several locations in Suffolk and beyond.
Most are suitable for all levels from beginners and amateurs wishing to get the most out of their equipment to professionals looking to cut out all the fieldwork associated with wildlife photography.
For those just beginning on their venture into photography workshops 1, 2 and 3 offer a great starting point.I will give an insight into the techniques specifically used for nature photography. The main topics covered include advice on histograms, composition and focusing techniques as well as the basics of exposure and the relationship between aperture and shutter speed. This advice will usually be given on site to allow for more time spent working with the subjects in the field. There will be lots of information to absorb so feel free to ask as many questions as you like throughout the day regarding these techniques.

I endeavour to get you in the right position when the subjects are at their best to enable you to obtain as many photo opportunities as possible.

1. Birds of Prey for beginners, The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary, Stonham

2. One to one for beginners. Suffolk, all year

3. Minsmere. Suffolk, all year

4. Kingfisher Portraits. Suffolk, spring/summer

5. Kingfisher Diving, Suffolk, spring/summer

6. Mad March Hares. Suffolk, February/March

7. Woodland Hide. Suffolk, Autumn/Winter

8. Birds of Prey in changing seasons. Suffolk, all year

9. Birds of Prey in Cumbria, Autumn

10. Harvest Mice, Suffolk, all year

11. Little Owl, Suffolk, June

12. Grey Seals, Norfolk, November/December

Montana Highlights, USA

Hungary Tour, Hungary, spring

Romania Tour, Romania, summer

White-tailed Eagles, Hungary, winter

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What equipment do you need?
Each workshop has its own suggested equipment at the end of each course detail but generally due to the shy nature of most of our wildlife a digital camera with a lens of around 300-500 mm would be advisable.
As you could be shooting in low light a tripod is useful.
Packed lunch.
Dull clothing and sensible footwear.
Spare batteries and memory cards.
For non RSPB members there is a separate charge to enter the reserve for the Minsmere workshop.

What to expect from the workshop.
Aside from the Birds of Prey, Harvest mice and Montana Highlights you will be working with wild animals that have their own agenda therefore nothing is guaranteed. However I do not conduct any workshops where I believe there isn't a good chance of you gaining some great photographic results. I work hard to ensure the subjects are familiar with my vehicle, hides, camera movement / noise etc. putting in many hours with the subjects to get to know their routines and gain their trust.
Rest assured I will work hard to get you the opportunities to put the theory into practice but at the very least you should end the day with the knowledge and confidence to nail the shot on all of your future wildlife encounters.

Click on the thumbnail image to obtain further information on that particular workshop.
Use the Contact Me page of this website to register your interest in any of the workshops and I will contact you with dates and further information.