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A most enjoyable day on Thursday and on behalf of Andy and myself would like to thank you once again for your workshop which we found to be run very professionally, enjoyable and good company.We have both photographed Kingfishers several times before and found your set up to be the most professional and unlike others you were there all day to ensure the smooth running of the workshop.
We have both come away with more than just a few great images so we very much look forward to doing another Kingfisher shoot next year with you.Derek

I would like to thank Paul for a fantastic kingfisher diving photography day. Paul is very knowledgeable with the wildlife and the camera, he is attentive to detail, to ensure you get the best possible photo on the day. The woodland setting is a perfect place to be in these mad days of the coronavirus, it is peaceful with only the sounds of birdsong I would highly recommend Paul for wildlife photography and look forward to taking another workshop soon. Linda

I really enjoyed my recent Kingfisher portraits workshop with Paul and I’m very happy with the photos I took. Paul was attentive, knowledgeable and worked hard to get us a variety of poses. The Kingfishers fishing skills were amazing and it was lovely to be able to observe the males tireless efforts to feed the brood. Martina

Photographing the exotic looking bird we all know as the Kingfisher is a thrill for any wildlife photographer. This is only surpassed by a host that has taken the time and effort to make sure his customers needs are met at every stage of a day with wildlife photographer Paul Sawer. This was my second time with Paul and his attention to detail is what makes this day so good. Paul has obviously great knowledge of the Kingfisher and its environment. But it is his attention to making sure that everyone gets the pictures that they want makes him standout above others, nothing is too much trouble. I can highly recommend Paul to anyone wanting to further their portfolio of wildlife.
Thanks Paul for a truly outstanding two days I have had and I will be coming back for sure.
Rob Carter

This must rank as one of my best ever days in the field, perhaps the best. We were fortunate for excellent weather and hares activity levels, and there was also a range of other wildlife to view.
I specially enjoyed photographing a short eared owl we observed in flight through the late afternoon. Jeff

I have been to four wildlife photographic workshops with Paul and can thoroughly recommend them. Paul has a fantastic knowledge of the subject matter and offers great advice on photography. As a result, my photographic skills have improved and, for that, I am extremely grateful. Three of my visits have been to Paul’s woodland setting, where there is an abundance of wildlife, carefully supplemented by props and features to aid the photographer. Paul is adding features to his site all the time, so I look forward to new experiences there in the future. Arthur

What a day! It will go down as one of the all time greats! I can’t believe what luck we had and so completely unexpected. You are truly the 'hare whisperer' of Suffolk! I’ve been reviewing the images over the past few days…but to be honest I’m spoilt for choice…there are just so many wonderful moments. Also just thought you’d like to know that one of my hare shots is in the Times today. Nick

Have just been on Paul’s hare workshop and it was the best workshop I have ever been on. Paul really knows about hares and could always anticipate what was going to happen. We saw some great action and we managed to get closer than I’ve ever managed to get on my own. The time went past quickly because it was so enjoyable spending time with Paul as well as watching the hares. We were really lucky with what we saw and I have never before managed to use up a whole battery on my 1DX in a day! Brilliant. Mary

Having recently attended the Kingfisher portraits workshop I can thoroughly recommend it both as a photographic opportunity and a wildlife experience. Paul was extremely knowledgeable about the Kingfishers and was able to accurately predict their behaviour, resulting in some excellent action shots such as landing on props etc. as well as good poses. He gave just the right amount of photographic advice/encouragement for my needs and I’m sure if I needed more it would have been enthusiastically given. He was also good company in the few quieter moments and I’m sure I will attend more of his workshops in future. Jane

Thanks for another great kingfisher session on Sunday, the birds were really playing ball.
I reckon we had close to 100 dives, I counted 92 from my shots (A new record for me) and I know I missed a few.
That explains why all the fish disappeared. John

'I came across Paul initially at the photographic day he runs at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary and was so pleased with his approach to photography and general helpfulness that I have since enjoyed one of his bird of prey group photo days and a day with him in his woodland hide. I have also booked myself onto both hare and kingfisher days and am looking forward to both.
Paul's focus is very much about helping you get the shots that you want and is unstinting in making that happen. He explains the more complicated aspects of digital photography in such a way that it is easy to understand and learn and provides very positive critique on images. A very positive, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and able person with whom it is rewarding to spend time. Steve

Our day was truly one of our most enjoyable days ever photography. 7 hours in one magic spot with 7 hares, we have literally hundreds and hundreds of images. A nonstop boxing match in perfect light.
Thank you Paul. Marny and Robert

I spent a fabulous day with Paul photographing the Hares. Paul got me really close to the Hares, sometimes they were just a few feet away. Paul's knowledge of the Hares and their behaviour was amazing and he was even able to anticipate their movements and habits which helped in getting a variety of images for my portfolio.
As a wildlife photographer, I have photographed numerous species over the years but this was probably the most enjoyable Photography day I have ever spent, aided by Paul’s easy going manner and commitment towards getting the images you want, without compromising the welfare of the animal.
A highly recommended Workshop. Andy Stuthridge, Devon

We had a great day with Paul in March on the Mad March Hare day bagged some wonderful shots one of which I won second prize for at our local photography club Spring competition. Then again in October on the Birds of Prey day we had excellent opportunity to get some lovely photos of the 4 birds who posed perfectly despite the miserable weather which didn't dampen Paul's enthusiasm at all. - Alison Fordham

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you very much again for a brilliant photographic day at the Suffolk Owl Sanctuary. I had a fantastic time, learned a lot, and I now feel much more confident in using the settings on my camera. I got quite a lot of photos that I was really pleased with - including about half a dozen flying ones. I think my absolute favourites have to be the shots of the Barn Owl looking around the corner of the wagon. I'm getting a photo book printed of the best images, which should hopefully show them off at their best.
Thanks again for everything.- Caroline Howick

I spent a day in March with Paul on one of his Mad March Hare photo shoots.
I have to say I would strongly recommend this to anyone. I had wondered how it would be to be shut in a car with a total stranger for seven hours but can only say that Pauls enthusiasm and great knowledge of the subject made it a day to remember and I look forward to another day spent with Paul and the Hares next year.- Lynn

Yesterday I spent the day watching and photographing Brown Hares in the company of Paul. The day started early and the golden light bought me some great luck with the hares, this is only made possible by Paul`s knowledge of hare behaviour. His enthusiasm is catching and by mid morning you are thinking like a hare and can begin to read their mood and their moves, Later in the day the Barn Owl made an all to brief appearance, but there were many other birds around keeping me occupied throughout the day and Paul's company and general wildlife knowledge is a joy. What a fab way to spend a day, I will hopefully be doing it again soon. David Dedman.

Thanks Paul for what was a truly excellent and full day of photography and wildlife spotting.
Paul is not only a very knowledgeable photographer, but also knows his subject thoroughly. This meant that we would stop as Paul heard the call of a bird and we could then look for it. I would never have seen so many species on my own, so that knowledge alone would have made the day great. Paul offered many tips from composition to camera settings which really allowed me to get the most from the day, and I am now putting those tips to good use in my photography. He was very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. If anyone is thinking about a photography day with Paul, go for it!! I absolutely loved it! Dave

I had an amazing day with Paul and got some great images of the Hares, they gave us the runaround but Paul never gave up and his knowledge and passion were outstanding. When they went quiet I was treated to Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Marsh Harrier and Little Owl. I learnt so much from Paul's bird knowledge that you just don't get from books, I will be back for sure.Great day with great company. Geoff Read

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the two wonderful days out on the grazing marshes you provided. I enjoyed your company, your knowledge and your help with camera settings....the weather was the icing on the cake oh, and the Long-tailed Tits...and the Little Owls!
Your tireless efforts to find the hares and get into the best position for image making didn't go unnoticed and really was much appreciated Paul.
'It is the first time I have ever come away from a professionally led photography session with almost two full memory cards!
I don't regard 'quantity' as the measure of a good workshop, but having quickly looked through my images, in this case I am proved wrong! So many wonderful images, so many amazing memories.'- Lynn Martin

What a great day out. Paul really knows the area and the Hares so was able to position the vehicle to get some great action and portrait shots. We were also very lucky to have some great light. Thoroughly recommend having a go at this.
Paul Smith.

My mother and I spent a fantastic day with Paul hunting for hares. I was initially apprehensive as I'm not much of a photographer and had brought my Kindle to read just in case, but the day was amazing! Spotting these incredible creatures hiding in the grass is no mean feat, but to get as close as we did and to see the "mad" behaviour made this certainly a day to remember. Paul was entertaining and encouraging, pointing out other wildlife and is clearly passionate and knowledgeable about his craft. He was also very patient in dealing with us and our questions. I'm just glad that Mum got some stunning photos that I will have to steal. Lisa

Just would like you to know, that our hare day with you on Wednesday was absolutely amazing, we felt so relaxed around you, information was there when we needed it, and yes we have some knowledge we can build on, especially the histogram, which I really will use constantly… we can’t wait until late march..when we are with you again,
I know there will be some competition shots, which actually will almost be from camera… very little work needed.
I can absolutely recommend a hare day with you, I feel you offer a unique experience, to which without the amazing driving skill and knowledge of the hares, that enables you to get the photographer so close without causing any distress to the hares, without this amazing unique experience Neil my disabled partner would never have got the shots that he got …
thank you Paul so much. Jenny

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